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Animal DNA Testing Fees

We offer our DNA testing services worldwide. You may request a free kit.

Parentage Verification using 16 DNA markers

10 working days
$45 per dog

Parentage Verification using existing DNA profiles

10 working days
$83 per profile
please inquire

Dna Pure Test

10 working days
Price $100,
Part Number Pb-007

Dog Breed Ancestry Testing

4-6 weeks
$110 per sample

Volume discount for 5 or more samples

$58 per sample

Select number of samples

Cystinuria Test

10 working days
$83 per dog

Phosphofructokinase (PFK) Deficiency Test for other breeds

10 working days
$83 per dog

DNA Banking

Storage for 10 years
$65 per sample

DNA Profiling

10 working days
$50 per sample

Why Choose Us

  • Fastest turnaround on results (normally just a few days and no
    longer than 10 days guaranteed)
  • Guaranteed 100% accuracy
  • Free sample collection kits
  • DNA tests with the convenience of a cheek swab (equally accurate as
  • Pups can be DNA tested at ANY age.

Our DNA Testing Company is the leader in DNA Testing

1. Canine DNA Profiling (Genotyping)

Would you like to have a permanent, fail-proof ID for your dog?

Canine Profiling (Genotyping) is used to establish a secure, permanent ID for your canine in case it is lost or stolen. Using the same technology we use to establish parentage among canine families, the unique set of allele sizes for the dog are tested and recorded.

Canine sample collection is quick, easy and painless. Anyone can collect a sample using a buccal swab for collecting cheek cells.

You will receive a detailed Canine Profile (Genotyping) Certificate showing your dog’s unique allele sizes along with an explanation of the results.

2.Canine DNA Parentage Test

Do you have doubts about the parentage of a recent litter? Is it possible you may have a multiple-sired litter?Would you like to offer your purchasers DNA-certified pedigrees?

DNA Parentage Testing for Canines is Fast, Affordable, and Powerful.

Parentage among Canines can be definitively established using PCR technology to compare allele sizes. Our Veterinary is using a 16-DNA marker panel for routine parentage testing and keeps an additional 13 markers in reserve for extended testing in cases involving closely related dogs.

Canine sample collection is quick, easy, and painless. Anyone can collect a sample using a buccal swab for collecting cheek cells.

A typical test includes both parents; if the dam or sire is missing, please call us for more information about testing options.

You will receive a detailed Parentage Report showing matches or non-matches along with a detailed explanation of inclusion or exclusion of a sire. DNA Profile Certificates for individuals can be ordered for an additional $20 per certificate.

3.Canine DNA Banking/Storage

We offer the option of long-term storage for your dog’s DNA sample in our environmentally controlled DNA banking facility. You can use the stored samples to identify your dog in case it is lost or stolen.

Canine sample collection is quick, easy and painless. Anyone can collect a DNA sample using a buccal swab for collecting cheek cells. We will keep your dog’s DNA sample in our storage facility for 10 years.

4.Canine Sample Collection Procedure

Swab Collection

Please follow the steps below to collect the dog’s DNA sample. Each Canine DNA Sample Collection Kit contains a package of four buccal (cheek) swabs, a buccal swab collection envelope, a DNA Testing Submission Form, and a return envelope.

Each kit is intended for ONE dog only. If you would like to test more than one dog, you will need another collection kit.

Additional kits can be obtained by calling:
323 898-9957


To prevent cross-contamination, do not allow other dogs to interfere while you are collecting the intended dog. If you are collecting DNA samples from more than one dog, wash your hands thoroughly between each collection to also prevent any cross-contamination of DNA samples.
1. Fill Out the Buccal Swab Collection Kit Envelope:

(Before you start collecting the DNA samples, please fill out the Buccal Swab Collection Kit envelope with the submitter’s name and information about the dog that is to be tested.)

2. Remove Swabs from Wrapper:

(Open the plastic wrapper at the end opposite from the swab tip (soft end). Remove one swab by grasping the handle and pulling it out of the wrapper. Avoid touching the tip of the swab.)

3. Swab the Dog’s Cheek:

(Hold the dog’s head firmly against your body with one hand. With the other hand, insert the swab into the dog’s mouth and place it against the inside surface of the cheek. Firmly rub the swab against the inside of the cheek, rotating the swab for about ten seconds. The objective is to collect loose cheek cells, NOT saliva.)

More Cautions..

4. Place the Used Swabs in the Buccal Swab Envelope once the cheek cells have been collected, immediately insert the swab into the paper Buccal Swab Collection Kit envelope, which was labeled in Step 1.

5. DO NOT return the swabs to the original plastic wrapper that they arrived in.

6. Repeat Steps 2, 3, and 4 for the remaining three swabs on the same dog. Please be sure to use two swabs on each of the dog’s cheeks.

7. Seal the Envelope.

8. After all four swabs have been used to collect DNA samples for the same dog, place all swabs in the buccal swab collection envelope. Make sure that the envelope is filled out completely and correctly, then seal the envelope.

9. Fill Out the DNA Testing Submission Form and Mail to ANDR.

10. Complete the accompanying DNA Testing Submission Form with the submitter’s information, information about each dog collected, and payment information. Once all samples have been collected, place the Buccal Swab Collection Kit and the submission form into an envelope and mail to address above.