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Registration Fee is $25.00 per dog are 6 months old puppy. Kennel Registration Fee is now $35.00 per Kennel Name.
You can click on the forms link. Show and pull card $15.00. Email us or write us for the show and pull card.

If this document is mailed within 90 days, pay the following fees. If mailed later, add $2.00

Important Information
Notes to Remember:

Those who have not registered there pure breed ABPT . The following is required:

  • Application
  • Letter from the breeder signed. Saying that the dog is truly breed like on the application. For the hobby breeder the same apply.
  • 4 Pictures
    • One Picture of front of the dog
    • One picture of both side of the dog
    • One picture of back of your dog
    • Must do a pure bred DNA test
    • We will verify all information other registry

Transfer of ownership only $20.00

Transfer of ownership with four Generation Pedigree $25.00

Transfer of ownership with six Generation Pedigree (small forms) $30.00

Four Generation Pedigree only $20.00

Six Generation Pedigree only (small format) $25.00

New Single Dog Application with 4 generation pedigree $35.00



Overseas Mailing Additional $20.00



Please fill out the forms clearly so we can read them. To get the paper back to you faster.

Kennel Name Registration Get Form
Bill of Sale Get Form
Liter Registration Get Form
Single Registration Get Form
Please email completed forms to : [email protected] and [email protected]